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MH01 ~ Nowaykesugga
MH02 ~ Tahrohon, an Iowa Warrior
MH03 ~ Notchimine, or No Heart, an Iowa Chief
MH04 ~ Moanahonga, or Great Walker, an Iowa Chief
MH05 ~ Concape, or Big Kansas, and Otto Chief
MH06 ~ Mahaskah, or White Cloud, an Iowa Chief
MH07 ~ Powasheek, to Dash the Water Off, a Masquakee Brave
MH08 ~ Shauhaunapotinia, the Man Who Killed Three Sioux, an Iowa Chief
MH09 ~ Chonmonicase or Shaumonekusse,also known as L'Ietan, an Otto Half Chief
MH10 ~ Nesouaquoit, or Bear in the Forks of a Tree, a Fox Chief
MH11 ~ Mahaskah the Younger, an Iowa Chief
MH12 ~ Petalesharo, a Pawnee Brave
MH13 ~ Eshtahumbak, or Sleepy Eyes, a Teton Chief
MH14 ~ Tahcoloquoit, a Sauk and Fox Chief
MH15 ~ Wapella, or the Prince, a Fox Chief
MH16 ~ Tokacou, a Sioux Chief
MH17 ~ Monkaushka, or the Trembling Earth, a Sioux Warrior
MH18 ~ Waemboeshkaa, a Chippeway Chief
MH19 ~ Kiontwogky, also known as Cornplant, a Seneca Chief
MH20 ~ Sequoyah
MH21 ~ McIntosh, a Creek Chief
MH22 ~ Hoowanneka, or Little Elk, a Winnebago Chief
MH23 ~ Wanata, or the Charger, Grand Chief of the Sioux
MH24 ~ Okeemaakeequid, a Chippeway Chief
MH25 ~ Keokuk, Chief of the Sauk and Fox Nation
MH26 ~ Hunting the Buffaloe
MH27 ~ Sharitarish, a Pawnee Chief


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