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The Architecture of Landscape

by photographer

Steve Hinkley

Enormous photographic prints, including panoramas, from his large format film capture
of the natural architecture of landscapes from around the world.

April 21st through June 16th, 2012

Beaux Arts, a Dallas Design District art gallery presents The Architecture of Landscape. This exhibition of 13 spectacular large nature prints includes three long panoramic views. The prints were made using the revolutionary "lightjet" print making process that renders stunning color and razor sharp detail, and are presented in contemporary frame packages behind crystal clear museum glass. Beaux Arts is located at 1505 Hi Line Dr. Dallas, TX 75207. It is open to the public Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday noon-5 p.m.

About the artist:

An avid photographer from the age of 8 when he was gifted a trusty Polaroid camera, Steve Hinkley has traveled the world to capture nature in its most unique presentation to reveal its subtle architecture. With his large format film camera, sturdy tripod and supply knapsack, Steve might be found perched on a precipitous ledge in the Grand Canyon of Arizona waiting for the first rays of dawn, or sitting in an astonishing field of tall flowers in New Zealand patiently waiting for just the right combination of light and color to snap a mezmerizing photograph of nature at its best.

See a preview of Steves work at his website at www.SteveHinkley.com