Image PubYear Map Maker World Zone Map Title Map Price (USD) Picture Link Map Details Zoom
1592Ortelius, AbrahamBritish IslesAngliae, Scotiae, Et Hiberniae Sive Britannicae Insularum Descriptio$2,250 Picture Details Zoom
1676Speed, JohnBritish IslesBarkshire Described$1,500 Picture Details *
1680Wit, Frederick deBritish IslesNova Totius Angliae, Scotiae et Hiberniae$700 Picture Details *
1719Chatelain, HenriBritish IslesCarte Pour L'Intelligence De L'Histoire D'Angleterre ou on Remarque Les Conquestes De Cette Monarchie Cans La Plus Part Des Etats De Europe . . .$300 Picture Details *
1720Homann, Johann BaptisteBritish IslesRegnum Scotia$1,275 Picture Details Zoom
1751de Vaugondy, RobertBritish IslesD'Ecosse divisee en Shires eu Comtes . . .$250 Picture Details Zoom
1757Bellin, Jacques NicolasBritish Isles Sea ChartCarte Generale Des Costes D'Irlande Et . . .D'Angleterre$675 Picture Details Zoom
1764Brion de la Tour, LouisBritish IslesL'Angleterre divisee en 5 grandes Parties, subdivisees en 52 Comtes; et partagee en 2 Provinces Ecclesiastiques . . . 1766 $425 Picture Details Zoom
1779Zatta, AntonioBritish IslesLa Scozia Meridionale and La Scozia Settentrionale on two sheets$250 Picture Details *
1794Laurie & WhittleBritish IslesA new and correct map of Scotland or North Britain with all the post and military roads, divisions & ca. Drawn from the most approved surveys, . . . $1,850 Picture Details *
1794Laurie & WhittleBritish IslesEngland and Wales, drawn from the most accurate surveys containing all the cities, boroughs, market towns & villages; in which are included all the improvements and observations both astronomical and topographical . . .$2,900 Picture Details *
1801Cary, JohnBritish IslesA New Map of England from the Latest Authorities$275 Picture Details Zoom
1816Cary, JohnBritish IslesCary’s Reduction of his Large Map of England and Wales, with part of Scotland . . .$675 Picture Details Zoom
1837Malte-Brun, ConradBritish IslesAngleterre$75 Picture Details Zoom
1850Gall & InglisBritish IslesGall & Inglis Map of England with the Railways$300 Picture Details *

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