Image PubYear Map Maker World Zone Map Title Map Price (USD) Picture Link Map Details Zoom
1697Keulen familySouth America Sea ChartPas-Kaart van de Zee-Kusten van Guiana tusschen Cabo Noord en Rio Amano . . . $1,700 Picture Details *
1745Ottens, ReinierSea Chart South AmericaNovae Hispanae, Chili, Peruvae, et Guatimalae Littorae . . .$1,800 Picture Details Zoom
1750de Vaugondy, RobertSouth AmericaAmerica Meridonale ...$200 Picture Details *
1753Gibson, JohnSouth AmericaSouth America$30 Picture Details *
1794Laurie & WhittleSouth AmericaA map of South America containing Tierra-Firma, Guayana, New Granada, Amazonia, Brasil, Peru, Paraguay, Chaco, Tucuman, Chili and Patagonia, from Mr. d'Anville with several improvements and additions, and the newest discoveries . . .$1,800 Picture Details *
1817Thomson, JohnSouth AmericaSouth America$300 Picture Details *
1828Hall, SidneySouth AmericaSouth America$150 Picture Details *

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