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Pub Year Map Maker Pub Place Map Title Map Price (USD) Picture
1801Cary, JohnLondonA new map of China$450 Picture

An engraved map full color wash

Size: 21-1/2 inches X 25 inches

Map Type: Atlas

This is an excellent copy with a small stain in the lower margin area.

Taken from Cary's New Universal Atlas, this excellent map of China shows the country in it's entirety including the island of today's Tiawan, Tibet, Bhutan and Korea. The map extends north as far as the Gobi Desert and south to today's Vietnam. It shows the course of China’s Great Wall. The map also includes geological features The atlas was later used as a source for many early American mapmakers including Henry Tanner.such as rivers, lakes and mountains as well as identifying villages, towns, and cities.

References: A List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress, 714, Phillips, P.L, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1909; Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers, Volume 1 Page 239, Cary, John, Scott, Valerie, Map Collector Publications, Tring, Hertz, England, 1999

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