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1658Nieuhoff, JohannesAmsterdamLegatio batavica ad magnum TartariŠ chamum Sungteium, modernum SinŠ imperatorem. $375 Picture

An engraved illustration, with color wash

Size: 12 inches X 14-3/4 inches

Map Type: City

This is a superior copy, with vivid color and strong engraving.

Johan Nieuhoff was appointed by the Dutch East India Company for a mission to China in 1654. He remained there until 1657 stationed in their embassy in Peking. Nieuhoff had special instructions to observe all "farms, towns, palaces, rivers, ... [and other] buildings" that he might pass by, drawing them "in straight form and figure", as well as remains of the historical victory of the "Tartars" (Manchus) that brought an end to the reign of the Ming dynasty.

When Johan returned to Holland in 1658, he gave his notes and annotations to his brother Hendrik. Hendrik produced a detailed study of China with many images and text explaining the latest events in the East and West India Companies. The 150 illustrations of the Nieuhoffs' book were one inspiration for chinoiserie, a European style that became especially popular in the 18th century. Many artists and architects based their designs on the pictures in the book.

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