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1854Flemming, CarlGlogauMexico, Mittel-America, Texas$350 Picture

A lithographed map, with hand colored outlines.

Size: 14 inches X 17-1/4 inches

Map Type: Atlas

This is a superior copy, very clean with strong color.

Taken from Heinrich Berghaus's VollständigerUniversal-Handatlas. Glogau, Germany

Carl Flemming operated an important German cartography firm in the early and mid 19th century from Berlin and Glogau. The intense interest in Texas by Germany was the catalyst for this map which illustrates typical German attention to detail. Large number of Germans were emigrating to Texas during the period in which this map was created.

The southern border of the United States is pictured in a pre-Gadsen Purchase configuration. Texas is pictured here with it's new State borders, the strong outline color indicates it's importance to the German reader.

References: A List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress, 6097, Phillips, P.L, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1909

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