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1522Fries, LaurentStrassburgTabu. Nova Orbis / Diefert Situs Orbis Hydrographorum Ab Eo Quem Ptolomeus Posuit$12,500 Picture

A woodcut engraved map, with original outline color

Size: 11-1/2 inches X 18 inches

Map Type: Atlas

This is an excellent copy, stain in the lower margin.

This first "modern" world map was created by Laurent Fries who was assisting with the compilation of a new edition of the Geographia of Claudius Ptolemy, which was published by Johann Koberger in 1522. Fries edited the maps drawing a reduction of the equivalent map from Waldseemuller's 1513 edition of the Geographie Opus Novissima, printed by Johann Schott. Fries prepared three new maps for the Geographie including this world map, deriving some of it's geography from Martin Waldseemuller's world map of 1513, but making alterations and additions. Europe is very crudely drawn, England and Scotland are shown as separate islands while India is shown as a double-peninsula. In spite of these imperfections Fries' map is much sought after. The map is dated 1522 and is initialled 'L.F.' in the main title.

(Laurent) Fries was born in Alsace France in about 1490. He studied medicine at the universities of Pavia, Piacenza, Montpellier and Vienna before working as a physician in several places. He settled in Strassburg in about 1519 and met the printer and publisher Johann Gruninger who was interested in the Ptolemy Atlas of 1513 and 1520. Fries also met mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller through Gruninger.

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