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1822Carey, H. C. & Lea, I.PhiladelphiaGeographical, Historical, And Statistical Map Of Arkansas Territory. Map Of Arkansas And Other Territories of the United States Respectfully inscribed to the Hon. J.C. Calhoun Secretary Of War By S.H. Long Major T. Engineers.$1,250 Picture

A hand colored lithograph with hand color wash

Size: Double plate folio sized: 42 cm x 53 cm. Scale: 1 inch = approximately 75 miles.

Map Type: Atlas

General spotting throughout, especially in bottom margin, not affecting image. Small repair near Missouri border. This map is clear and legible. Overall in good condition.

No. 35. Drawn by S.H. Long Maj. U.S. Engineers. Engraved by Young & Delleker.

This is the first occurrence in American cartography where Arkansas is shown as a separate territory from Missouri or Louisiana. This map is from the 1st edition of the Carey & Lea atlas, A Complete Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas... This is the first American atlas that used explanatory text surrounding the map. This is a very interesting piece which freezes Arkansas at a moment in time, some 14 years before its statehood. The explanatory text comments of the rivers and soil, animals, Indians, climate, and government. It also allocates a significant portion to a historical sketch. The map notes rivers, towns, and many other features along with comments such as "The Great Desert is frequented by roving bands of Indians who have no fixed places of residence but roam from place to place in quest of game".

References: A List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress, 1373a-35, Phillips, P.L, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1909; Rumsey List No. 0122.030

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