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Pub Year Map Maker Pub Place Map Title Map Price (USD) Picture
1912Hammond, C.S.New YorkHammond's Complete Railroad and County map of Texas$300 Picture

A lithographed map

Size: 25 3/4 inches X 26 1/2 inches

Map Type: Pocket

This is a superior copy, extremely clean and bright.

Every county is identified by name in this large, detailed map. All rail lines in the state are identified by their initials. Congressional District Boundries are identified with red outlines along the borders of all 16 areas. Existing and planned Interurban Electric Lines are identified as well. Steamship routes into and out of Galveston are also identified. A detailed map by one of leading American cartographic firms of the early twentieth century.

Postal and Shipping Guide to Texas with the New Census is on the verso, a table of all the counties and cities with population statistics from the 1910 census.

The map is in its orange wrapper marked "Price 10 Cents". "The News' complete map of Texas showing Electric and steam Railroads, Congresional Districts, County Linesw, and all Cities, Towns and Villages. Prepared expressly for A.H. Belo & Company"

References: Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers, Volume 2 Page 260, Hammond C.S., Scott, Valerie, Map Collector Publications, Tring, Hertz, England, 1999

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