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Pub Year Map Maker Pub Place Map Title Map Price (USD) Picture
1846SDUKLondonCentral America II including Texas, California and the northern states of Mexico $850 Picture

An engraved map, with hand colored outlines

Size: 12-1/2 inches X 15-1/4 inches at the neat line

Map Type: Atlas

This is a superior copy, very clean with strong outline colors.

This map shows from the eastern border of Texas to the Pacific Ocean, including California and the Baja Peninsula. It shows Texas in it's republic form. The map has many interesting notes in it referring to landmarks, explorer routes, Indian tribes, AXThe Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge or SDUK, as the Society was known, produced inexpensive maps to encourage broad use in education.

References: Mapping the Trans-Mississippi West, #460, Wheat, Carl, Maurizio Martino Publisher, Storrs-Mansfield, CT, 1957 ; Maps of Texas 1527-1900, #1472, Day, James M.,The Pemberton Press, Austin, 1964

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