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Pub Year Map Maker Pub Place Map Title Map Price (USD) Picture
1910Rand McNallyChicagoTexas$450 Picture

A color lithographed map

Size: 28 inches X 39-1/2 inches; Scale: 1 inch = 20 miles

Map Type: Pocket

This is a superior copy, with vivid colors.

This large scale map pocket map originally appeared in Rand McNally's Commercial Atlas of America in a much smaller form. It is folded into Rand McNally & Co's Indexed County and Township Pocket Map and Shippers Guide of Texas accompanied by a new and original compilation and ready reference index, showing in detail the entire railroad system. 6-5/8 X 4-1/8, 75pp. containing town location references.

The map is exceptionally detailed showing railroads, post offices, and towns. Every railroad is identified by a red number matched to a table in the margin of the map.

References: Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers, Volume 4 Page 11 Rand McNally, Scott, Valerie, Map Collector Publications, Tring, Hertz, England, 1999; American Maps and Mapmakers, p467-480, Ristow, George, Wayne State University Press, Detroit, 1985

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