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1642Jansson, JanAmsterdamNova et Accurata Poli Arctici et terrarum Circum Iaccentium Descriptio $1,750 Picture

A copper plate engraved map, with hand colored wash and outlines

Size: 16 1/2 inches X 21 1/2 inches

Map Type: Atlas

This is a superior copy, very clean with strong engraving lines and beautiful old color.

This early map is of the North Pole region of the Artic. It identifies Baffin Bay, Button Bay, and James Bay along with Greenland, Iceland, and Russia. The map features a number compass roses and concentric lines intersecting the north pole. The two cartouches are adorned with scandinavian figures, a polar bear and foxes, other figures and wind heads surround the title pieces.

During the time Jan Jansson was creating his maps, the Arctic regions were not fully explored, making them a subject of fascination and speculation. Jansson's map captures the blend of known facts and the mysteries of the time, serving as both a geographical tool and a reflection of 17th-century perceptions about the North Polar areas.

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