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1875Roessler, A.R.New YorkNew Map of the State of Texas Prepared and Published for Albert Hanford's Texas State Register for 1876$9,500 Picture

A lithographed map, with hand colored wash

Size: 18 inches X 19-1/2 inches

Map Type: Book

This is a superior copy, very clean with strong lines and beautiful color. Very light mat burn outside of the neat line.

This is a first edition, first issue of Roessler’s small-format Texas map that appeared in Albert Hanford’s Texas State Register for 1876.... (Galveston, 1876). Counties are presented in various colors, towns, roads, railroads, telegraph lines, military posts, along with physical and geological features are illustrated. Native American reservations in New Mexico and Indian Territory are identified, and the locations of mineral deposits along with an inset table of keys. The disputed Greer County in southwest Indian Territor is shown as part of Texas.

When published in 1876, Hanford’s guide and Roessler's inserted map continued to stimulate interest in emigration to Texas. The maps Roessler are considered the most important geological maps of Texas in the nineteenth-century because they were constructed from the incompleted Shumard Survey, the first in-depth geological and agricultural survey of Texas. Roessler had served as a draftsman, cartographer, and geologist for the survey and remained in Austin, Texas during the Civil War. Though later accused of plagiarism, it is certain that Roessler was responsible for preserving documentation on the 1858 Shumard Survey that otherwise would have been lost or destroyed when the geological survey rooms in Austin were converted into a Confederate ammunition factory.

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