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1779Bowen, Emanuel and Gibson,JohnLondonA New and Correct Map of North America, with the West India Islands, divided According to the last Treaty of Peace, concluded at Paris, 10th Feby., 1763.$6,750 Picture

An engraved map, with original outline color

Size: 40 inches X 46 inches

Map Type: Atlas

This is a superior copy, with strong engraving and old hand-drawn outline colors.

This is a very uncomman and attractive large scale map of North America, printed on four sheets and joined as two sheets, represented here as a single map with composite photographs. It was taken from John Sayer's New General Atlas edition of 1780. Thisis the third issue during the American Revolution, dated 1779 in the cartouche, with updates to the borders of individual states in the south where borders were now illustrated as stopping at the Appalachian Mountains rather than extending to the Mississippi River.

This map was originally published in 1755, the same year as John Mitchell's landmark "Map of the British and French Dominions in North America" and used much of the cartography from that map for information about the Ohio Rivery valley. After the Treaty of Paris in 1763 which concluded the French and Indian War, Emanuel Bowen updated this map to reflect the new possessions of the European powers in North America. Bowen also added portions of the Treaty texts in the Atlantic Ocean area which describes the distribution of territories.

The map displays the area from lower California through Texas labeled as "Little Known", the entire Gulf Coast, and the mouth of the Mississipi. There is great detail in Florida and includes comments "Spanish Fort built 1719", Fort Diego, St. Augustine and an area labeled "Southern Bounds by charter 1665". The southern third of the Florida peninsula is broken up into islands. It includes the Caribbean including the Bahamas, Great Antilles and the rest of the Caribbean Islands. Three settlements/missions above St. Francis Xavier du Bac are shown: St. Cosime and St. Augustin near modern Tucson. A large rococo cartouche shows 7 mileage scales, trading paths, portages, falls and salt pits.

Inset map: "The passage by land to California" by Fr. Kino. It shows Baja and the Sea of California with excellent detail of southern Arizona and Sonora Mexico. Inset map "A Particulars Map of Baffin and Hudson's Bay".

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