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1842Bradford, Thomas GamalielBostonTexas$3,950 Picture

An engraved map, with hand colored wash

Size: 14.1 inches X 11.4 inches; Scale: 1 inch = approximately 45 miles.

Map Type: Atlas

This is a superior copy, with vivid hand-drawn outline colors.

Like the original 1838 issue, this map of Texas displays the location of each Grant and Colony, but now is overlayed with counties such as Colorado, Brazoria,, and Victoria. A legend has been added to illustrate the boundries of colonies and grants. The 1Crosstimbers area in north Texas has been illustrated as well.

As Texas enters statehood, the southern border with Mexico is illustrated as ending at the 1Rio Bravo River./p>

Bradford served as an assistant editor of the America Encyclopedia before entering the field of atlas publishing with his first work published in 1835. G.W. Boynton, the engraver of this map, operated an engraving shop in Boston between 1830 and 1845. This map is from one of the last editions of An Illustrated Atlas….

Taken from An Illustrated Atlas, Geographical, Statistical, And Historical, Of The United States And The Adjacent Countries. T.G.

References: A List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress, 783, Phillips, P.L, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1909; American Maps and Mapmakers, p202, Ristow, George, Wayne State University Press, Detroit, 1985 Citations: 1Handbook of Texas Online, s.v.

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