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1784Dobrizhoffer, MartinVeniceMappa Paraquaria$1,950 Picture

A copper plate engraved map

Size: 18-1/4 inches X 14-1/2 inches

Map Type: Book

This is a superior copy, very clean with strong engraving. Margin trimmed nearly to the neatline on the lower left.

This rare map shows the missions, village and landmarks in the Rio de la Plata river valley, the primary area inhabited in the late 18th century by the Gauranis and Abipones indians in Argentina. It was included as part of the history of the mission to the area written by the Jesuit missionary Martin Dobrizhoffer.

Martin Dobrizhoffer was born in the Czech Republic and Society of Jesus in 1736. In 1749 he departed on a mission to Paraguay, where for eighteen years he worked the Guaranis and the Abipones indian tribes. He returned to Europe in 1767 and authored a three volume work on the history of his mission entitled "Historia de Abiponibus, equestri bellicosaque Paraguaina natione". He died in Vienna in 1791.

In the preface Dobrizhoffer wrote, "A seven years residence in the four colonies of the Abipones has afforded me opportunities of closely observing the manners, customs, superstitions, military discipline, slaughters inflicted and received, political and economical regulations, together with the vicissitudes of the colonies".

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