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Pub Year Map Maker Pub Place Map Title Map Price (USD) Picture
1878Woodward, Tiernan & HaleSt. LouisCorrect Map of Texas$1,200 Picture

An uncolored lithographed map

Size: 35 inches X 23-1/4 inches

Map Type: Pocket

This is an excellent copy with only minor loss of image along a crease line. Bears the stamp of Henry H. Hannan, Swan Creek, Ohio.

After the American Civil War the Texas Legislature decided to make railroad construction a priority in order to have a well-integrated transportation system that would connect all the major cities in the state. Texas land grants were made to the railroads in return for rail construction, the railroad could then sell the land to the general public for a profit. This land grants system created over 17,000 miles of track by 1932 and made many railroads very wealthy.

The International and Great Northern Railroad incorporated on August 5, 1870 with the intention of constructing a rail line across the State of Texas from the northeast to the southwest. The line was to originate at a point on the Red River near Texarkana, and extend southwest through the cities of Austin, San Antonio and continue to Laredo, where the railroad was to cross the Rio Grande and link up with the Mexican National Railroad.

The railroad offered different rates for passage and riders were allowed to bring 200 lbs of belongings with them as part of their expensive train ticket. The ride took around 50 hours - just over two days - of travel to get from Chicago to San Antonio.

This interesting pocket map heartily promotes the counties and cities where the I & GN owned land for sale with the hope of attracting interested parties to travel to Texas and purchase land for great lifestyle opportunities.

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