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VE1, Vegetable Comedies
VE2, The cabbage soup is made in the cauldron
VE3, The Brusselsprout
VE4, His adulators finish by devouring him
VE5, A Stormy Relationship
VE6, Domestic Carrot
VE7, Parliamentary Carrot, Three hours without spitting
VE8, Conjugal Carrot
VE9, A Carrot with a Dishonest Reputation
VE10, The Radishes, Too much drink ...
VE11, The Radishes, This then is how ...
VE12, Call of the Beans
VE13, The Radishes, We call him honest and temperate
VE14, An Insurrection, For too long we have been subject ...
VE15, What the children come upon under the cabbages
VE16, Cucurbitus the First, Pageantry Suit
VE17, Advice of Cucurbitus the First
VE18, Roman Women
VE19, Baptism of the Two Romans, Too spicy ...
VE20, Parisian Aristocrats, A fine match
VE21, The Two Extremes Touching Each Other
VE22, The Precocious Asparagus
VE23, A Wanderer in the Countryside
VE24, They were calm and kneeling ...

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