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ADAM 001 ~ Plate VIII - Curtain Cornices, Stone Bronzes
ADAM 002 ~ Plate V - Section of one of the sides of the Great Rom or Library at Kenwood
ADAM 003 ~ Plate VIII - Design of a Glass and Commode Table, Design of a Tripod
ADAM 004 ~ Plate VIII - Design of the Pier Glasses in the Great Room
ADAM 005 ~ Plate II - View of the south Front of the Villa at Kenwood
ADAM 006 ~ Plate IV - Perspective View of the Bridge at Lion
ADAM 007 ~ Plate V - Elevation of the North End of Luton Park House
ADAM 008 ~ Plate VI - Cornice, Frize, and Capital
ADAM 009 ~ Plate II - Parts at large of the Gateway at Lion
ADAM 010 ~ Plate VI - Section of one end of the Library or Great Room at Kenwood
ADAM 011 ~ Plate VI - Section of one end of the Hall, next to the great Apartment -
ADAM 012 ~ Plate IV - Elevation of the East Front of Luton Park House, towards the River

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Antique Architectural Engravings and Prints by Robert Adam