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AUDUBON002 (folio), Texian Hare, Plate 133
AUDUBON003 (folio), Texas Skunk, Plate 53
AUDUBON004 (folio), Ring-Tail Bassaric, Plate 98
AUDUBON005 (folio), The Cougar, Plate 96
AUDUBON006 (folio), Rocky Mountain Sheep , Plate 73
AUDUBON007 (folio), Artic Fox , Plate 121 / detailed description
AUDUBON008 (folio), Collared Peccary, Plate 31
AUDUBON, NC001 (folio) - America Bison or Buffalo, Plate 56
AUDUBON, NC002 (folio) - Swamp Hare, Plate 37
AUDUBON, NC019 (octavo) - Cross Fox, Plate 6
AUDUBON, NC021 (octavo) - Mountain Brook Mink, Plate 33
AUDUBON, NC024 (octavo) - The Cougar, Plate 96
AUDUBON, NC023 (octavo) - Cougar (Female & young), Plate 97
AUDUBON, NC022 (octavo) - Maryland Marmot, Woodchuck, Groundhog, Plate 99
AUDUBON, NC018 (octavo) - American Black or Silver Fox, Plate 116

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Antique Animal Prints and Engravings by John James Audubon