Angelo, Domenico

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Fencing was a popular sport among English royalty and aristocracy during the late 18th century. A London based "school of arms" was opened in 1755 by an Italian fencing master named Domenico Angelo Malevolti Tremamondo. Angelo had established a reputation by winning several public fencing matches, and his school was quite successful, operating into the early 20th century.

Angelo published L'Ecole d'Armes, in 1755. This valued fencing handbook contained the hand colored copper plate engravings presented here which were originally illustrated by well-known English artists like Chamber, Gwyn and Ryland.


Armand-Dumaresq, Charles Edouard

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In 1856, the French Minister of War asked Charles Edouard Armand-Dumaresq to prepare a series of realistic sketches of the dress of the French Imperial Guard. Before climbing the hill in northern Paris to model in Armand-Dumaresq's studio, each officer in dress was inspected by an army commander. Armand-Dumaresq's renderings were made into lithographs and published in folios that were distributed to high-ranking military officers throughout France. The original watercolor paintings of the uniforms now hang in the Musee de l'Armee in Paris. Presented here are hand colored lithograph prints taken from Uniforms de L'Armee Francaise en 1861.


Blanchard, Arthur

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Arthur Blanchard was born in the Dust Bowl and never had much money for art lessons, but he loved to draw. Especially people. He never tires of studying them for all that their appearance tells of them and their lives.


Beuchot, Jean-Baptiste


Jean-Baptiste Beuchot was born on April 4th, 1821 in Lyon, France. Following in his father's footsteps, Beuchot was a man of many talents, often referred to as a painter, an art restorer, a draughtsman, and a decorator. He mostly worked in and around Lyon in the Rhone-Alps region of France, just northwest of Provence. He died at the age of 63, survived by his daughter, Marie Augustine, and his son, Auguste Pierre. He left behind many sketches and watercolors, mostly historical or genre scenes. Presented here are one of a kind original drawings from the sketchbook of Mr. Beuchot.


French Medieval

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Théatre Géographique du Royaume de France by Gabriel Michel & Jean Le Clerc.
Hand-colored copper engraving, Paris, 1632


Gaubaud, Monsignor J.

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Monsignor J. Gaubaud traced these beautiful images in their original size from the painting of the Transfiguration by Raffaello Sanzio D'urbino or "Raphael". Gaubaud then had the images engraved in copper plates in London by James Godby, using the elaborate mezzotint techinique, creating one of the finest examples of the craft. Presented here are 14 faces from "An Analysis of The Picture of the Transfiguration. . ." published in London in 1817


Houbraken, Jacobus

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As a young apprentice to his father, Jacobus Houbraken mastered the ability to capture textures and tones with engraving techniques and soon became renowned across Europe. His skills were often compared with the greatest portrait engravers of the seventeenth century French school including Nanteuil, Drevet and Edelinck. Dutch and English publishers often commissioned Houbraken to engrave works, his most famous prints were made from his copper plate engravings for Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain, published in parts in London between 1734 and 1752. Under the framed portrait of each individual, Houbraken engraved vignettes and objects describing the social importance of each person.


Monnier, Henry

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Henry Monnier grew up in France with a fondness for fairs and entertainment. In maturity, he developed skills as a playwright, actor, and draftsman. His illustrated work, Galerie Theatrale, was published in 1828. His engaging hand colored stipple engravings provide a unique view of the theatrical life of his time, including acrobats, ballet dancers, and various actors.



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Miscellaneous antiquarian costume and figurative prints.

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