Volume I Plate 73 - The Temple of Khnum at Esna (Elevation of the Hypostyle) ~ The Temple of Khnum, is dedicated to the ram-headed creator god who fashioned mankind on a potter's wheel from the clay mud of the Nile. Khnum embodied all things, and was closely associated with the process of conception This temple is one of the last to have been built by the ancient Egyptians. The roof of the hall, which is seen still intact, is supported by four rows of six columns, that stand 39 feet tall, each capped with intricate composite floral designs. (See Volume 1 Plate 75) The ceiling of the hypostyle shows Egyptian astronomical figures on the northern half and Roman signs of the zodiac on the southern half. The forty meter wide, seventeen meter high facade of the hall is in the form of an intercolumnar screen wall similar to those of the Temples of Horus (see Vol 1 Plate 51) and the Temple of Hathor. (See Vol IV Plate 23)

Framed 28 inches x 35 1/2 inches ~ SOLD