Volume I Plate 83 - The Temple of Khnum at Esna (Interior of the Hypostyle) (Perspective View) ~ The Temple of Khnum is one of the last temples to have been built by the ancient Egyptians. (See Volume 1 Plate 73) The roof of the hall, which is still intact, is supported by twenty four columns, standing twelve meters high) The ceiling of the hypostyle hall shows Egyptian astronomical figures on the northern half and Roman signs of the zodiac on the southern half. Hypostyle halls are noted for the density of their columns. The builders of the temples compensated for the somewhat dark and awkward density of columns by creating a holy forest, in which each column was decorated with fine carvings and paintings.

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Framed 28 inches x 35 1/2 inches ~ $3,450

Currently on loan to the Dallas Museum of Art