Volume II Plate 14 - The Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu ~ The French savants were awed by the beauty of this massive Temple, particularly noting the enormous columns on either side of the court, the caryatid pillars of Osiris, and the incredible workmanship of hieroglyphics, some carved to a depth of ten to twelve centimeters. They noted the intricate ceiling carved with yellow-gold stars on a blue background and wondered "what a vivid and profound impression must the aspect of this place have produced on the ancient Egyptians, for which everything here was mystical and religious. We, who are strangers to their customs, traditions and cults, have not been able to penetrate, without emotion, to their heart of their galleries.."

The view is from the forecourt looking to the north into the so-called peristyle hall. The dark area behind the distant Osirid pillars is the hypostyle hall. The slender columns in the foreground are the remnants of a now vanished Christian church.

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Framed 28 inches x 35 1/2 inches ~ $3,450

Currently on loan to the Dallas Museum of Art