Volume II Plate 22 - The North Colossus (Detail)~ The North Colossus was damaged by an earthquake 27 BC. After this event, it emitted strange bell sounds in the morning, perhaps due to the heat of the sun, or the humidity of the night. "The ancient Greeks looked for an explanation in the legendary story by Homer about Memnon, the son of Eos (Aurora) and Titon, who was killed by Achilles and reappeared in Thebes as a statue, and every morning lamented at the sight of his mother rising in the skies" (Siliotti 122).

In 199 A.D., the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus decided to fix the cracks in the statue, and it never sang again.

The statue is that of Amenhotep III and is beside the entrance to his now ruined mortuary temple.

Framed 28 inches x 35 1/2 inches ~ $4,700