Volume III Plate 16 - The Temple complex of Karnak (Great Temple of Amun-Re) ~ The Temple complex at Karnak is located about 2 miles north of Luxor, Egypt. It is considered the largest temple complex ever built by man, and represents the combined achievement of many generations of ancient Egyptian builders over a 1,300 year period. It's ancient name was Ipet-isut, meaning "The Most Select (or Sacred) of Places".

The three main temples were enclosed by enormous brick walls. The avenue that lead to the entrance of the Great Temple of Amun-Re, dedicated to the "King of Gods" was lined with over 600 sphinxes.

The temple complex to the left labeled 'Ruines du Nord' is the Temple of Montu, the ones to the right labeled 'Ruines du Sud' is the Precinct of Mut. Karnak proper is in the center.

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Framed 36 inches x 48 1/2 inches ~ SOLD

Currently on loan to the Dallas Museum of Art