Volume III Plate 30 - The Temple of Amun-Re and Ramesses II (Columns and obelisk) ~ The caryatid pillars in the upper left were twenty-four foot tall effigies of the Egyptian god of the Underworld, the dead, and past Pharaohs, Osiris. The column in the lower right is a relief of one of the 134 papyrus columns that supported the ceiling of the temple. They are 49 feet tall. The 12 larger columns were erected by Seti I and Ramesses II and stood in the center of the famous hypostyle hall of the Temple of Amun-Re. They were 71 feet high. So large are these columns that fifty people could stand together on the capital.
The obelisk is one erected by Hatshepsut, (see Vol III, Plate 27), her throne name 'Ma-Ka-Re' can be clearly read on the shaft.

Framed 48 1/2 inches x 36 inches ~ $4,225