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MISC01, Lion
MISC02, Tigers
MISC03, Vogelspinne (Tarantula)
MISC04, Plate 1 Quadrumana (Chimpanze)
MISC05, Plate XXXVI Ungulata
MISC06, Plate VIII Carnivora
MISC10, King Mackrel
MISC11, Beetle and Bill Curiosities
MISC12 ~ Bissonet
NC025, Arizona Coral Snake
NC026, Cobra Charmers
NC027, Skinning a Boa
NC028, Python and Jaguar
NC029, Reptile collage
NC030, Felis Onsa
NC031, Murad cigarettes poster
NC032, Summer loving Viper
NC033, Horned Viper
NC034, Anaconda
NC035, Rattlesnake

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