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RomanMedallions001, Unicorn
RomanMedallions002, Laurel and Wheat
RomanMedallions003, Lanterns
RomanMedallions004, Sceptre
RomanMedallions005, Sheilds
RomanMedallions006, Reaper
RomanMedallions007, Woman Warrior
RomanMedallions008, Lovers Trophy
RomanMedallions009, Eagle and Laurel
RomanMedallions010, Cornucopia
RomanMedallions011, Harpist and Peacock
RomanMedallions012, Bull and Cornucopia
RomanMedallions013, Dragonslayer
RomanMedallions014, Anchors
RomanMedallions015, Lion Tamer
RomanMedallions016, Scales
RomanMedallions017, Hoop
RomanMedallions018, Cat
RomanMedallions019, Putti with Flags
RomanMedallions020, Putti with Hat
RomanMedallions022, Winged Lion
RomanMedallions023, Putti with Laurels
RomanMedallions024, Putti with Crown
RomanMedallions025, Torchbearer
RomanMedallions026, Trumpet
RomanMedallions027, Cannon and Drums
RomanMedallions028, Warrior with Snake
RomanMedallions029, Crown and Keys
RomanMedallions030, Putti with Tablets
RomanMedallions031, Lilly
RomanMedallions032, Hook and Cross
RomanMedallions033, Cross and Kettle
RomanMedallions034, Wheat
RomanMedallions035, Toddlers
RomanMedallions036, Reader with Spear
RomanMedallions037, Turk with Flag
RomanMedallions038, Warrior with Shield
RomanMedallions039, Angel with Trumpet
RomanMedallions040, Putti and Winged Lion
RomanMedallions041, Hoop and Incense
RomanMedallions042, Crown and Shield
RomanMedallions043, Timekeeper
RomanMedallions044, Violin
RomanMedallions045, Rook
RomanMedallions046, Lion and Eagle
RomanMedallions047, Pine
RomanMedallions048, Heart Candle
RomanMedallions049, Ship
RomanMedallions050, Mercury
RomanMedallions051, Armour
RomanMedallions052, Wreath
RomanMedallions053, Rakes
RomanMedallions054, Trumpet
RomanMedallions055, Money
RomanMedallions056, Scribe
RomanMedallions057, Captives
RomanMedallions058, Suitors
RomanMedallions059, Swan
RomanMedallions060, Elephant
RomanMedallions061, Egret
RomanMedallions062, Anchor and Captives
RomanMedallions063, Scribes
RomanMedallions064, Hats
RomanMedallions065, Serpent
RomanMedallions066, Rooster
RomanMedallions067, Tree
RomanMedallions068, Medal
RomanMedallions069, Button
RomanMedallions070, Victor
RomanMedallions071, Owl and Mercury
RomanMedallions072, Astrologer
RomanMedallions073, Alterboys

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