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Rowlandson01, Dr. Syntax taking possesion of his living
Rowlandson02, Doctor Syntax setting out on his tour of the Lakes
Rowlandson03, Doctor Syntax losing his way
Rowlandson04, The Reverand Doctor Syntax
Rowlandson05, Doctor Syntax made free of the cellar
Rowlandson06, Syntax Preaching
Rowlandson07, Doctor Syntax Copying the wit of the window
Rowlandson08, Doctor Syntax - Rural Sports
Rowlandson09, Doctor Syntax - Meditating on the tomb stones
Rowlandson10, Dr. Syntax reading to his tour
Rowlandson11, Dr. Syntax at Covent Theatre
Rowlandson12, Doctor Syntax disputing his bill with the landlady
Rowlandson13, Dr. Syntax sells Grizzle
Rowlandson14, Dr. Syntax at the review
Rowlandson15, Dr. Syntax sketching the lake
Rowlandson16, Doctor Syntax loses his money at the race ground at York
Rowlandson17, Dr. Syntax entertained at college
Rowlandson18, Dr. Syntax at Liverpool
Rowlandson19, Doctor Syntax drawing after nature
Rowlandson20, Doctor Syntax & Bookseller

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