June 2015
Replogle Globe, Collecting maps book, leather frame, Texas Cowboy riding a giant rabbit, Mitchell Texas map

April 2015
Carol Pankratz watercolor grouping, Lowe fern print grouping, Coronelli title page, Gould hummingbirds, Sanson America map

February 2015
Steve McElroy painting, Carol Pankratz painting, Jay Cantrell painting, Texas Currency, Ortelius America

October 2014
George Dahl ~ Texas Centennial Park

August 2014
CJ Mobley painting, Cantrell Watercolors, Pancratz Watercolor, Blanchard painting, Map of 1848 USA

July 2014
Praun Figurative, italian Watercolor, Saint Peter Basilica, Sheet Music, Map of Dublin

December 2013
Griffith Painting, Yoshida Abstract, Texas Postcard, Aerial Photography, Homes in Texas Map

November 2013
Restoration of US Wall Map, Raphael Angels,Dighton Lawyers, Munster Venice

September 2013
Antonini Vases, Gould Heron, LaBorde Madrid, E.E.Cummings painting, Warner Hoople watercolor, California as an Island

June 2013
John-Paul-George-Ringo, Bradbury Ferns, Blue Crab, Pankratz Watercolors, Catlin Buffalo, Venice Map

April 2013
Peru textile, Besler Iris, Palissey, Blanchard Nuns, Cantrell Church, Paris Map

February 2013
Pummer Winchester

November 2012
The Art of Art Blanchard

July 2012
Posters, Map of Washington D.C.

June 2012
Vignette, Ludwig Architectural, Palm Botanical, Melling Pyranees, Map of France

May 2012
van Geel Iris, Bonnaterre Fish, Gould Bird, Melling Pyranees, Map of Arkansas

April 2012
Japanese Ceramic, French Army Uniforms, Greek Vase Relief, Sam Houston Portrait, Mini-Celestial Globe

March 2012
Weinmann Sunflowers, Sage Grouse, Rome Views, Davy Crockett, Map of Early Texas

February 2012
Dahl Texas Centennial, Vellum Tulip, French Dress, Dog Charcoal, Map of Texas, California, and Mexico

January 2012
Rheede tot Botanical, Merian Horses, Seba Bird, Alexanders China, Map of Islandia

December 2011
Dahlberg Cathedral, Pyne Royal Residence, Michaux Silva, Catton Cat, Map of Jerusalem

November 2011
Brookshaw Grape, Beuchot Drawing, Invalides Dining, Map of Mississipi, Contemporary Botanicals

October 2011
Slater Painting, Besler Tomatoe, Gourds, Daly Motifs, Map of the Gulf of Mexico

September 2011
Calder horse, On the Job for Victory, DeMortain Versailles, Currier & Ives Battle, Map of the Gulf of Mexico

June 2011
Duke of Wellington, Figg Floral, Theodolite, Woodblock, Map of Montana

May 2011
French restaurant painting, Gillray matrimony, da Vinci "Leda", Bodmer, Map of Mexico

April 2011
Thornton facsimile, Audubon Hare, Lord Bird, Stonewall Jackson, Map of Canaan

March 2011
Audubon Cougar, Weinmann Botanical, Robart Adam Architecture, Biere du Lion poster, Map of Texas

February 2011
Paris Opera House, Birds of Paradise, Invalides, Robert E Lee, Map of the West Indies

January 2011
Coronelli Globe Gores, French restaurant painting, Andrew Jackson, Map of Louisiana

December 2010
Papillons, Holly, Partridges, Winter Watercolor, Map of North Pole

November 2010
Adam and Eve, Flowering weed, Tree planting, Madrid vista, Map of Ottoman Empire

October 2010
Grim Reaper, Skeletons, Apples, Bats, Map of Transylvania

September 2010
Brookshaw Melon, Brodtmann Leopard, St. Paul, Watercolor painting, Map of Africa

August 2010
Kips Views, North Am. Sylva, Audubon Ring Tail, Currier & Ives Steamboats, Map of America

July 2010
LaBorde Monuments, Antiphonals, Audubon Hawk, French Painting, Map of Tunis

June 2010
Loius XIV tournament, Besler botanical, Numismatica, Map of Morocco

May 2010
Roberts Egypt, Audubon Hare, Raphael Transfiguration, The Invalides, Map of Japan

April 2010
Ehret botanicals, Audubon Hawk, Adam architecture, Thomas Hart Benton, Map of Asia

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