An Almanac of Twelve Sports

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An Almanac of Twelve Sports, William Nicholson, artist, British, 1872 – 1949, born in Newark-on-Trent; died in London.

These wonderful humorous prints (May's Lady fishing; June's plump cricket batter; October's golfer) were originally published in 1897 with words by Rudyard Kipling. They are a presentation of Nicholson's unique impressions of English people and pastimes.

William Nicholson's woodblock prints of the 1890's were some of the most revolutionary British print images of the era. They used a stylized simplification of shape, and a handling of perspective and picture space which had had no precedent in British art. The use of silhouettes composed of pure, flat tints, the attention paid to lettering and an emphasis on economy in both image and caption unique for their time.

The Beggarstaffs (Sir William Nicholson, English, 1872-1949 & James Pryde, Scottish, 1866-1941) virtually created the modern poster, with clear outlines and large areas of flat color. When they made their début as poster designers at the Westminster Aquarium exhibition of 1894, they did so under their chosen pseudonym of 'J. & W. Beggarstaff.' The name confused some of the reviewers (the journals of the day are scattered with references to Messrs Biggerstaff, Baggerstaff and Bickerstaff), but there was little doubt in the critics' minds about the importance of the work of this new duo. The two young artists' contributions were praised for both their formal beauty and their effectiveness as advertisements, and a tremendous future was predicted for them. Although they did not have much commercial success during their short period of collaboration, they have undoubtedly had a significant influence on the evolution of ideas about the form and function of posters, and are regarded by many as pioneers of the modern advertisement.



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The most famous men and women golfers in history photographed in action at incomparable Pinehurst Country Club. The photographs are inset on a background of golf course design blueprints and scorecards. Printed by giclee methods on heavy, acid free, archival cotton rag media.
Images are courtesy of Tufts Archives.
Available in sepia and other colors. Available in custom sizes.



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