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BF1, The Butterflies or Earthly Metamorphoses of the People of the Air
BF2, To leap and dance was their most attractive work
BF3, In their aerial flight they graze their lips past each other
BF4, The Bolero
BF5, The vanilla flower receiving goodbyes from her fiancee
BF6, A New Endymion
BF7, The Christmas Tree
BF8, The Vestal of the Colorado River
BF9, I saw a traveler sitting at the edge of the road
BF10, The Entomology of the Ladies by Count Foelix
BF11, Butterflies Part 2
BF12, She balances herself softly in the air
BF13, The Capture of Cypress
BF14, They burned their wings in the flame of love
BF15, The Lady among the Butterflies
BF16, The Teschou-Lamas Promenade
BF17, Faster, faster my sister shrieked Gou-gou-li
BF18, He even attended her at the toilet
BF19, For the men, all stories begin or end with marriage

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